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Inteligent parking solutions

ParkInOne is a two-component solution that use the full potential of digitalization: smart sensors, intelligent software and clever analysis of the available data. It gives a valuable and strategic real-time information, both for B2C and B2B users. The concept behind the system is simple: sensors are used to detect individual parking bay or car park occupancy. The data is transmitted to traffic management system via IP connectivity, using the Intelligent Parking Access Point, with the data generated being utilized for applications that range from real-time driver information to linking data to payment or administration services. The ParkInOne provides integration of traffic and parking solutions, adopting parking bay sensors to provide cities with a demand-responsive system. The data gives valuable statistics to help city planning, allowing strategies to be shaped in order to increase revenue, reduces the environmental impact of traffic and improves the quality of life in the city.. Yes, it is that simple!


For Corporate clients:

ParkInOne provides real time on-street parking solutions and parking space management solutions, which:

For citizens, Public Administrations, Parking Facilities and Airports: – Reduces levels of air pollution

– Highly reduces unnecessary parking-related traffic – Highly reduces the risk of car accidents
– Provides real-time information
– Optimizes expenses


For Citizens:
– Saves a lot of time by showing a free parking spaces and

navigates to them
– Gives secure, fast and easy payment directly through the ParkInOne App
– Keeps track of remaining parking time
– Gives opportunity to save parking space for months in advance