About the company

Digital City International

We aims to make cities more efficient, smarter and eco-fiendly. Our portfolio of real time on-street parking solutions and parking space management solutions provides people, public administrations, airports and private parking facilities with a unique interface that simplifies the processes and management of these services. We will make one of the first and extremely important steps towards modern, smart and environmental digital cities.

According to a study we conducted, each time we search for a free parking space, we lose an average of 15 to 30 minutes. The reason is the lack of real-time information about available parking spaces near us and the resulting roaming, waste of time and money, increased risk of accidents, increased carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and last but not least – nerves.

The ParkInOne App will not only show you the available on-street or off-street parking spaces near you, but will also “take” you to them!
And you can also reserve your airport parking space for months away…
And you can pay for your stay in a convenient way for you, directly through the App!


14 day trial period